Saturday 8 June 2013

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Les Voiles au Vent
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As many of you know, a musician from the Netherlands, Mr. Cees Swaen from Driebergen, wrote a waltz for piano – “Les voiles au vent 1 - 3, Valse chopinoise pour Laura D.” - “The sails in the wind [variations] 1 – 3, Waltz in Chopin style for Laura D.” - in early 2010 and dedicated that piece to Laura. “Cool, music composed just for me. I can hear the waves when grandma plays it on the piano. […] It sounds so beautiful,” Laura wrote in her first book (‘Mijn verhaal’, page 89/90).
Thanks to Laura’s grandmother Riek Dekker and Mr. Swaen I was able to get a copy of the music sheets in April 2011. Instead of refunding the postage, Mr. Swaen asked me for a recording of that piece. Well, recording a piano with simple recording equipment is not an easy task to do. However, after trying with various microphones in various positions, I finally sent Mr. Swaen my interpretation of “Les voiles au vent” in early 2012. Here is what he wrote to me:

"Dear Mr. Weber,

Thank you for the music. 

Just the way I mean it!!!!

Cees Swaen"

I recently learned that Mr. Swaen passed away in May 2013.

And so here is "Les voiles au vent 1 - 3, Valse chopinoise pour Laura'' D.
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Thomas Weber

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