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Route / Table 1



Route / Table 2

Route / Sint Maarten to Iles des Saintes (Dominica)
Route / Portsmouth to Bonaire
Laura at the Rai-Hiswa 2011
Route / Bonaire to San Blas Islands
Route / San Blas Islands to Shelter Bay (Panama)
Route / Panama Canal
Route / Panama Canal to Islas Perlas
Route / Islas Perlas to Galapagos Islands
Route / Galapagos Islands to Marquesas Islands 
Route / Hiva'Oa (Marquesas) to Tahiti (French Polynesia)
Route / Tahiti to Moorea


Route / Table 3

Route / Moorea to Bora-Bora
Route / Bora-Bora to Tonga 
Route / Fiji to Vanuatu 
Route / Port Vila(Vanuatu) to Darwin (Australia) 
Route / Darwin to.......?